Wellness Centre users are required to observe the following rules:


  • It is recommended to leave a gap of about three hours between meals and swimming.
  • Before entering the water, please take a shower.
  • Please access with rubber sandals.
  • Please do not enter the water if you have wounds, abrasions, skin changes or lesions susceptible to infection (warts, dermatitis, mycosis).
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink by the pool.
  • Please use a moderate tone of voice and limit the use of your phone by keeping the ringer in silent mode.
  • Do not run, dive, create excessive noise or occupy the deck chairs if you leave.
  • Do not use fins and masks or introduce floating objects, play with balls or tubes, etc.
  • Children should always be accompanied by their parents and be watched closely. The Management declines all responsibility.
  • Children under 4 years old must wear a sanitary appropriate for entry into the pool.
  • The management is not responsible for theft or loss of property left unattended.
  • Management is not responsible in any way for any accidents, injuries, or other things that can happen to swimmers for behaviours attributed to them.
  • The service staff is authorized to intervene at any time to require compliance with these regulations.


  • The Spa is open every day from 10am to 9pm and access is forbidden to children under the age of 16.
  • Please do not enter the Spa if suffering from skin diseases, infectious or contagious disease, or with wounds not fully healed, with bandages or plasters.
  • The use of any type of personal hygiene products (peeling, depilatory creams, oils, masks, etc.) and the use of soap is strictly prohibited in the Spa.
  • To enjoy a calm and relaxed environment during your stay in the Spa, please turn off cell phones and keep your tone of voice moderate and calm.
  • In all areas of the Spa is forbidden to smoke, bring food and drinks.
  • Before entering Spa is essential to remove jewellery, watches, etc.,  and take a shower.
  • In steam bath and finnish sauna it is mandatory to enter without slippers.
  • After the correct recommended time, never more than 15 minutes, cool the body with a cold shower.
  • Before and after a sauna, remember to properly take a shower to remove sweat from the skin and hydrate the body by drinking water or herbal teas.
  • In relax areas you cannot occupy the sun beds with towels or robes if you move away.
  • For your treatments our staff provides disposable panties for ladies and men directly inside the treatment rooms.
  • In the case of allergies, particular health conditions or pregnancy (including circulatory problems or heart or blood pressure-related), please refrain from the use of the Spa.
  • In order to meet all your needs and ensure availability, we recommend that you book in advance your treatments or at the time of booking confirmation.
  • Prior to any treatment we recommend that you prepare with a relaxing shower and do not drink alcohol.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. The treatments begin and end on time, in such a way as to allow the next guest punctuality.
  • For cancellations of treatments with less than 12 hours notice or no-show, the appointment will be charged the full amount.
  • The management accepts no responsibility for accidents or injury to persons and/or property caused by reckless behaviour.

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